Man Impersonating Airline Pilot Arrested

OKALOOSA COUNTY-- Okaloosa County sheriff's investigators say they've arrested a man who's been impersonating an airline pilot to rip off condo owners.

Forty-five year old Bruce Allen Cowart is charged with grand theft, providing false information for pawned items, and home or private business invasion by false impersonation.

Authorities say Cowart, who was recently released from prison, pretended to be an airline pilot when he started contacting vacation rental home owners March 13th.

He allegedly convince them to let him stay in their units without making a payment, then steal TVs and other valuables.

Investigators say he'd then sell the items to local pawn shops.

When they arrested him Wednesday, Cowart was reportedly wearing a fake pilot's uniform and ID badge, and was driving a stolen pick up truck.

Sheriff's officials say they've recovered some of the stolen property and is working to retrieve more.