Man Hospitalized After Hitting Power Pole

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ST. ANDREWS-- Paramedics took an elderly man to the hospital Tuesday after his car hit a utility pole in St. Andrews.

It happened about 9:30 Tuesday morning near the intersection of West 11th Street and Wilmont Avenue.

Police said the 85 year old man's station wagon was moving fast when it jumped the curb.The pole and electrical lines fell across the car, trapping him inside.

Gulf Power crews had to cut the power and remove the wires in order to keep the area safe.

"If you are walking around those wires just the ground can conduct the electricity and kill a person so please use caution when approaching down wires like that. It did turn out okay, but all of those people including the driver and witnesses could have died," said Sgt. Melanie Law.

Aside from some facial injuries authorities have not released any more information about the man's identity or condition.