Man Killed Outside Panama City Nightclub

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Panama City Witnesses say the gunshots started in the alley beside KJ's Restaurant and Lounge around 3:00 Monday morning.

"All I know is the club was letting out and we was all just standing in the parking lot and about two shots rang off,” said Cheryse, a woman at the lounge during the shooting. “And then next thing you know it was about a million shots rang off and everybody just started scattering."

When police arrived on the scene they found a man with a gunshot wound to the head. Paramedics took him to bay medical sacred heart, just 2-blocks away. But he never recovered.

Residents say they're not only shocked by this shooting, but several others that have occurred in the city the last several weeks.

"It's happened a couple times,” explained Cheryse. “I don't know how many times, but it's happened a couple of times."

Police say the crimes are not related, nor are they gang related.

"This injury is not related to either one of the other instances that have happened,” said Panama City Police Lieutenant Bruce Clayton. “They're not related at all."

Clayton says investigators are still collecting evidence and running down leads.

"We're currently interview witnesses to determine suspects that we can also locate and speak with," he explained.

Residents are tired.

"Basically what happened last night was uncalled for. And wasn't supposed to even happen. But that's why I say a bullet has nobody name on it because that bullet probably wasn't even intentionally meant for Jayshawn," Cheryse expressed.

Again, police have not identified the victim, not have they named any suspects in the case.

We’ll continue to follow this case, and bring you any new updates as soon as they're available.