Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Armed Robbery

OKALOOSA COUNTY-- An Okaloosa County jury has convicted a Crestview man for a robbery where one victim was shot and another beaten.

Circuit Judge Michael Flowers immediately sentenced 30 year old Michael Tirrell White to life in prison Tuesday for being a principal to armed robbery with a firearm and another 30 years for conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

Investigators say White, 33 year old Rasheik Calhoun and 28 year old Yoni Calhoun tried to rob three people during a drug deal on December 13, 2013.

They say Rasheik Calhoun shot one of the victims in the foot, and Yoni Calhoun pistol-whipped another.

The victims managed to escape.

Crestview police shot and killed Rasheik Calhoun on January 2, while trying to serve warrants on him.

Yoni Calhoun is in jail in Alabama on other charges.