Man Stakes Out His Own Property to Catch Thieves

GRACEVILLE, Fla. A Jackson County man got tired of being a victim of burglaries and theft. So he and his brother-in-law decided to do something about it.

Authorities say the pair is responsible for catching the thieves in the act.

"You get to a point where enough is enough, you know?" For the owner of this GGraceville home on Cliff road, that point came Sunday night. Thieves had been targeting the property for the last month.

"Had trailers stole- the cops have been out and done reports, it just seems like one thing after another. Them coming and kicking in doors and stuff."

So Sunday night, the owner and his brother-in-law, Kirby Tharpe, decided to do something about it. "Well, we put the truck in a shed and got in another shed and waited to see if anybody would show up and they showed up. We just stepped out with guns and told them to stop and get down."

The pair held the suspects until Jackson county sheriff's deputies showed-up. They arrested 24 year old Jeremy Smith and 33 year old Kimberly Carr, who they say was acting as a look-out.

The third suspect, 34 year old timothy shiver fled the scene. Deputies are still looking for him.

Tharpe says all things considered, he's thankful for a relatively peaceful outcome. "You gotta protect what you have whether it’s yours or your families."

He says they'll let sheriff's officials handle it from here.
If you have any information about Ttimothy Shiver please call your nearest law enforcement agency.

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