FHP Arrests Man Who Tried To Kill His Dad With A Machete

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GRACEVIILE - A man wanted for trying to kill his father with a machete is behind bars tonight.

State Troopers stopped Wendel Gene Seaman on I-10 about 5:30 p.m. Sunday at mile marker 225, near Monticello. The 36-year-old was driving his father’s Chevy pickup that police say he stole after the attack.

According to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Seaman hit his dad, Lloyd, in the back of the neck with a machete on Saturday at their house located at 4001 Hwy 77. He then bound his dad’s hands with duct tape and threatened to kill him.

"I opened up the freezer door in the kitchen and that's when I was whacked in the back of the neck with the machete," said Lloyd Seaman, Wendel's father. "He duct taped my wrists together...and he told me he was gonna kill me."

When Wendel left the kitchen to get something to wrap his father's ankles with, the Sheriff’s Office says Lloyd managed to get up and run out his home, screaming for help.

"I run just as hard as I could and I hollered," Lloyd said.

Wendel chased after his dad with a machete. Before Lloyd could make it to the house next door, Wendel tackled him. Fortunately, Lloyd’s brother heard all the commotion while outside of the house by chance.

“I thought it was a peacock because we got peacocks up on the hill,” said Wayne Seaman. “But then when he screamed again, I took off running to come up here.”

When Wayne got there, he found saw Wendel, armed with a machete, fighting his dad. Wayne knocked his nephew off, a move Lloyd says saved his life.

"Thank God Wayne was outside and heard me hollering," Lloyd said.

Wendel Seaman is currently being held in the in Jefferson County jail. He will be extradicted back to Jackson County where he will face charges of attempted felony murder, grand theft of a motor vehicle, and grand theft of a firearm.

The firearm is the Colt .223 rifle deputies say Wendel grabbed from his dad’s gun cabinet before he stole his truck and took off, headed for Tampa. The rifle was in the truck when Wendel was arrested.