Mandated Sick Time Bill Heading to Governors Desk

David St Germain is like four of every ten workers. He works long hours with few benefits.

”I know a few people personally that live a little further away from work than they should. Basically they have enough money to eat and get gas back and forth to work.,” said David St. Germain.

Legislation heading to the Governor would keep workers like David from earning paid time off. The legislation prohibits local governments from requiring businesses to offer paid sick time

”It doesn’t seem like the best thing for the people necessarily.”

Opponents of the bill say it wrongfully separates the poor and women from the rest of the workforce.

”Because they’re the ones most likely to be staying home with a sick child or home with a sick parent or grandparent,” said Damien Filer.

The Legislation was a top priority of the Florida Chamber of Commerce. The business group says the law is a way to standardize benefit requirements from county to county.

”What we need is consistency. What we’re trying to do is make Florida more competitive. We want jobs here in Florida and so we already have federal standards for this,” said Mark Wilson.

”In a public poll, 8 in 10 Floridians support a law making employers provide sick day benefits to employees.”

Tuesday, advocates will deliver more than 11-thousand petitions seeking a veto to the governor’s office.

“Mom’s are watching, families are watching to make sure the governor does the right thing by women and families in Florida.”

Supporters say the bill would provide stronger workforces. Opponents say it will kill jobs in the state.

If the bill is signed into law, it will prohibit new sick time ordinances from being enacted and get rid of any local sick time laws already in place.