Panama City Beach Carjacking Ends in Fatal Accident

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WAUSAU- It all started around 6:00 Friday morning at the Express Lane Gas Station in Panama City Beach. Police said Jalen Andrews, James Boatwright, Dzesmion Teague, and Catrell Ford, 16 years old, in a stolen Chevy Malibu from Dothan, Alabama, tried to carjack an innocent driver.

"She (innocent driver) rolled up her windows, locked the doors, and drove around to the front of the store where she could get some help," said Panama City Beach Police Chief Robert Harding.

Minutes later, investigators said the four suspects drove to a Texaco Gas Station on Back Beach Road, stole a silver mustang, and headed north on Highway 77, leading Bay and Washington County Sheriff's Deputies on a chase.

They said Andrews and Ford, who were in the Malibu, lost control of the car and crashed into a ditch off 77. He was seriously hurt, Ford was killed.

"They wrecked that vehicle on what we call Carter Hill and Rodgers Road," said Washington County Sheriff Bobby Haddock.

Meanwhile, as deputies continued to chase Boatwright and Teague in the mustang, it too crashed and they said both Boatwright and Teague tried to run. They captured Teague within minutes, but Boatwright made his way into the woods.

"We called for the Bay County Sheriff Office's helicopter and we also lined the roads," said Haddock.

With the help of k-9 units, deputies said they arrested him within an hour and a half. And while the investigation continued Friday, the owner of the mustang said he's glad to have his car back and relieved the suspects were caught.

"There was one fatality, so that's bad. But I mean that's what happens when you're doing something you're not supposed to," said mustang owner Brian Burnett.

As of Friday afternoon, Teague and Boatwright were in the Washington County Jail and Andrews was still at Bay Medical Center.

The car involved in the chase shown wrecked in the woods.

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