March Could Bring the Flu to the Panhandle

"Presently we don't have any flu cases recognized in our county that have been reported to us that have severe morbidity or even sickness with it. We are doing real good here in Bay county," said Douglas Kent of the Health Department.

Countrywide, the numbers indicate the worst of the flu season is behind us.

"It just appears that we are on a downward slope, and it is only going to continue downhill until the weather gets warmer," said Kathy Carroll of the Bay Walk-In Clinic.

Still, there is cause for concern locally.

"It's getting close to that time when we are having our spring breakers coming in, so we always have a group of people coming in to the county. So just have to really pay attention to what's going on around us," said Kent.

"The surprise to me has been the young people who don't get a vaccine, because they don't think they need one," said Carroll.

The huge influx of young visitors from higher infected states is one of the reasons March could be the peak of our flu season.

The good news is, it's still not too late to protect ourselves. The CDC has reported that this year’s vaccine has been a success. It protects against this seasons hardest hitting strains of the flu.