Marianna Book Sale is Library Lover's Paradise

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Marianna- "They were waiting at the door when we got here this morning" interim director Jerry Keiser

"It was like Walmart" Friends of the Library event organizer Dianne Oswald joked.

People were sifting through stacks of 3,000 books. "That's a good book to have- read it and learn" volunteer Barbara Grant told a customer who was flipping through pages. "I'm amazed at the books people are picking out" she commented.

Mary Lu Andreu was amazed to find 'Jeff Milton a Good Good Man' - a book about her great great uncle.

"I've been trying to find copies of this book because it's been out of print a long time" Andreu said.

It only took Claudia smith about 30 minutes to find 30 paperbacks she wanted to buy. "Maybe a book a minute I'm picking up" she laughed.

Her math was spot on- Smith stocked up on 60 books for $5.
With that many book lovers in one place, library volunteers were using the opportunity to make sales pitches.

"I'm here harassing people to invite them to join friends of the library and support the library and we've gotten 10 new members today" Grant told us.

The group has been an important part of the library, paying for the recent addition, parking lot and new computers.

"They advocate for the library, they raise money for the library- they're just what they say they are, they're friends of the library."

"I'm passionate about everything i do it's just who I am. I'm 71 years old and I've been involved with the friends for all my life."

The sale was so successful, the library extended it through the first of next week. And, by joining friends of the library your first 10 books are free.

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