Marianna Fire Department Installing Free Fire Detectors

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Marianna- "My goal is to make sure every body in the city of Marianna has a smoke detector" Marianna Fire Chief, Nakeya (Nicky) Lovett said. And with the help of a thousand dollar grant and Wal-mart, Chief Lovett and his crew was well on their way.

"You know, we're not going to ask you for your financial records, it's based on an honor system. Whether it be low income, elderly."

Velma Mount lives alone and on a fixed income. She said it would be tough for her to purchase and install her own smoke detector, but after a close encounter a few years ago, she knew she needed one.

"Back in 2007, I was cooking my dinner and I was talking to my sister. Soon as I got off the phone with her, I feel asleep."

Her dinner caught fire and smoke quickly filled the house.

"The alarm didn't go off or nothing. The lord laid it on [my sister's] heart to call me back. If she hadn't have, it [would have] been too late."

"The toxins that the fire puts off actually put you in a deeper realm of sleep, so most people actually don't wake up," Lovett said.

Marianna resident, Rashad Gibson told us he needed the device to protect himself and his family. He knew the quick installment could be what saved their lives in the case of fire.

"They came in in less than five minutes and knew exactly where to put it, how to install it and how to tell me how to operate it. I can honestly say i saved a lot of money just in five minutes"

If you live in the city of Marianna and would like a free smoke detector, you can contact the Marianna Fire Depratment (850) 482-2414.

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