Marianna Man Tries to Save His Childhood Home from City's Wrecking Ball

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Marianna- Shag Willis knew he hadn't been consistently keeping up with his mother's home since her death in the mid 1990's.

"I would be the first to admit that I had been a little lax in keeping up the property how I should," he said.

When Shag received a letter notifying him the home would be demolished, it was apparently the motivation he needed to take action. He was appealing to city officials to spare the home from the wrecking ball, and give him a chance to repair the house.

"I got a little issue there with the front porch cracking," he said pointing to his porch. "The recommendation was to see about taking those blocks out, getting it leveled back up, re-mortar, repaint and get that looking more attractive. I've been pressure washing the house, as you can see, getting ready to paint the house. Plan on doing a little roof repair that needs to be done and cleaning up the yard."

Kay Dennis, Municipal Development Director for the City of Marianna, said she could already see a difference.

"Shag came in for his development order and we're so excited he's been working hard [the house]. I think it's going to be really different in the end. We're very excited about all the work he's done. "

Although he had already done a lot, Shag wasn't finished. He still needed to do more in the next 60 days to save the house. But, he believed he'd be able to make that deadline.

"I've got some good friends and some good relatives and they've offered to help me. I think I'm in a good position to do this and it will come in way under budget."

The city council planned to vote Tuesday on the 26 homes recommended for demolition.

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