Marianna to Add 2 Fast Fueling Natural Gas Pumps for Vehicles

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Marianna- Only three of the city's work trucks run on natural gas, but officials told us more were coming. They've planned to increase their natural gas fleet by two vehicles per year,

"Its more cost effective, it's going to be a cleaner energy and we're just excited that we're going to be able to be the first here in Marianna able to provide natural gas, as a kind of alternative fuel" said the city's supervisor of fleet, streets and facilities, Sam Everett.

But, refueling the trucks takes two hours per gallon. So the city deiced to install two fast fueling pumps at the public works department. The grand total for the project was estimated to cost $300,000, a price city officials said was reasonable considering how much they would save in the long run.

"The fast fuel station will give the city of Marianna the ability to refuel the vehicles in a timely manner. Just like pulling up to an average gas station" explained Marianna's Natural Gas Supervisor, Douglas Glass.

But refuel speed was where the similarities stopped- paying $1.50 to $2.00 per gallon has become a distant memory for most drivers, but Glass said it wouldn't have to be. Though the twin pumps will primarily be used by government entities, they will also be open to the public.

"You would set up an account with the city, if you lived locally, and then you would just get billed" Glass said.

A good system if you live in Marianna and have a natural gas vehicle, but their not very common. So we asked Glass if anyone in the area did.

"I have seen people on the road, and I stopped and talked to them" he said. "They were using them out west and they bought these vehicles and brought them here but there was no where to fill them up so they took their tanks out. But now the city's going to give them an opportunity to start saving some money again."

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