Marijuana’s Last Stand

TALLAHASSEE, Fla Florida lawmakers could be softening their stance on medical marijuana. Lawmakers moved a proposal forward in spite of high ranking opposition.

Supporters of a medical marijuana bill that would legalize a non-euphoric strain of cannabis had to do plenty of convincing Monday before a House committee. Representative Cary Pigman called on his 4 decades of medical practice. “I’ve never, ever taken care of a marijuana overdoes, in 40 years, never ever.”

The bill legalizes cannabis known as Charlotte’s Web. It has shown signs that it can help seizure victims. Rosalyn Deckerhoff says it’s her son’s only option. “We just want a better quality of life for him.”

Even with the emotional testimony, Florida’s top doctor isn’t on board. Surgeon General Dr. John Armstrong is concerned about keeping the form of medical marijuana pure. Armstrong also worries about drug safety if it’s not Food and Drug Administration approved. “We must be wary of unintended consequences and remember, first we must do no harm.”

Some on the House Judiciary Committee compared the legislation to Colorado’s marijuana laws. Dennis Baxley doesn’t want Florida to become a stoner state. “This is the push-off point. Are we starting an avalanche?”

The measure passed the committee almost fittingly a day after an unofficial stoner holiday 4-20… The bill states the medicine cannot be smoked.

The Florida Sheriff’s Association and Police Chiefs Association were both originally opposed to the measure, but both law enforcement groups are now supporting it. Doctors who fraudulently prescribe the drug could face jail time.

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