Bob Martinez Comments on the Gubernatorial Candidates

Martinez took time to comment on some specific problems facing each of the gubernatorial candidates.

Bob Martinez is weighing in on some recent criticism Governor Rick Scott and former Governor Charlie Crist are facing.

A third party group sent a new mailer to some of the state's registered Democrats. It criticized Charlie Crist for modifying positions he took as a Republican Governor, and changed as a Democrat.

Martinez has some experience in this area. He was a Democrat for years, then became a Republican less than a year before winning the 1986 race for governor. Governor Bob Martinez said, "The bigger issue for Charlie will be changing positions. I think the average citizen doesn't keep score of how you were registered to vote. They keep score on what you stand for."

Martinez also commented on what many perceive to be a lack of comment from Governor Rick Scott on several key issues. The media is accusing Scott of sticking to talking points on gay marriage, minimum wage, and law enforcement support, rather than answering their questions.

Martinez said Scott should respond. Martinez said, "If I didn't have an answer, I would say it as well. But generally, the questions being asked were public issues that he should have heard about and he should have an answer on. So, yeah, I did."

Scott is the Republican nominee. Crist still faces former State Senator Nan Rich in the Democratic Primary on August 26.

NewsChannel 7 will continue to follow the gubernatorial race leading up to the November general election.