Marvel Of Flight Prepares For Take Off

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Learning about the history of aviation shows just how far we've come in the past one hundred years.

"Well this plane was manufactured in 1929 in Wichita Kansas by travel air manufacturing and they were founded by Clyde Cessna, Walter Beach and Lloyd Steerman. Three names popular to anybody that knows aviation" said Pilot David Mars.

This is the third annual Marvel of flight event at the airport in Defuniak Springs where the public can come out and learn about aviation history.

"We have over twenty aviation and science and technology exhibits. There's going to be aircraft rides” said Defuniak Springs Airport Supervisor Ryan Adams.

"It's really a celebration of flight. From all aspects from the ultra-light plane to the most modern jets. My part in it I’m selling rides in a vintage bi-plane" said Mars.

And even I was able to get involved with some of the learning fun. Walton County Chamber Executive Camile Burlison and I found out what it's like to defy gravity in a bi-plane.

"Well I think it's an awesome opportunity for people throughout our community and the surrounding area to be able to come out and experience the airport here in Defuniak. If you've never been out to it you kind of get a feel for it and what is here" said Burlison.

Event organizers hope the show plants the seed that will grow into the next generation of pilots.