Mayor: 'Hope Center Won't be Like Panama City Rescue Mission'

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Some people in Port St. Joe are worried about the Hope Center and whether it will become a homeless shelter similar to the one in downtown Panama City.

Those running the center say it is a place where the homeless can get information about services available for them, but residents are afraid it will be turned into a dormitory style facility, and bring vagrants and criminal activity into Port St. Joe’s business district.
City commissioners are considering drafting an ordinance to prevent the hope center from functioning like Panama City’s Rescue Mission which means no overnight stays by its guest.

“It would overwhelm us, it's tough enough for Panama City downtown to deal with, it will overwhelm little Port St. Joe" said Mel Magidson, Port St. Joe Mayor.

Magidson says the city commission wants people to know they plan to regulate the Hope Center, and will ensure it will not become a dormitory style facility.

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