Medical Marijuana Passes State Senate

(MGN Online)

TALLAHASSEE-- A bill legalizing a strain of marijuana known as Charlotte's Web overwhelmingly passed the State Senate Monday.

Supporters say the drug with low levels of THC would be used to treat epileptic children.

The proposal would allow marijuana use if the THC level is .8 percent or lower.

The THC level in the average marijuana people use to get high is about 15 percent.

It will only be allowed for use in an oil form, and would require a doctor's approval.

This is the first time any Florida legislative chamber has passed a bill approving the use of any form of medical marijuana.

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Shalimar and Democratic Rep. Katie Edwards of Plantation are sponsoring a similar bill in the house

Florida voters will also consider a constitutional amendment in November that would approve the general use of medical marijuana.