Meet Gulf World's Newest Seal

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PANAMA CITY-- The hot temperatures are generally not a problem for Panama City Beach's other animal habitat, Gulf World Marine Park.

And that's just fine with the attraction's newest resident.

Gulf World now has a 3 month harbor seal named Sheldon.

The Miami Seaquarium loaned Sheldon to Gulf World through a breeding program.

Right now he's still exploring his new home in the sea lion habitat, getting used to the surroundings and Gulf World's other harbor seal, Flounder, and Windy the sea lion.

The cute little fellow weighs 52 pounds, but his trainers expect him to weigh about 200 pounds once he's fully grown.

"Sheldon is in his beginning stages of training, he's actually learning to eat whole fish, right now he eats halves of fish very, very well. A basic concept that we first teach our animals is targeting, where they target either a bouy on a pole or our hand and from there we can shape a variety of behaviors," said Jessica Aditays, Senior Trainer, Seals and Sea Lions.

You can see Sheldon and his pool buddies in the downstairs sea lion habitat at Gulf World.