Mellow Mushrooms Lowers Prices to 1974 Prices

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - A popular pizza restaurant on the beach joined in on its company's anniversary celebration.

Thursday marked 40 years since Mellow Mushroom opened it's first store just outside Atlanta. In honor of the 40 years, they lowered prices on specific items to 1974 prices.

Small cheese pizzas were $2.50, Coca-Cola products were 30¢, and certain beers were 75¢.

As of the early afternoon, Kristy Jenkins, the General Manager said, they had done $2,500 dollars on just the specials and estimated doubling that before closing. She added, "It's all...We're kinda all stuck in 1974 all the time. It really doesn't matter, we're very excited to have all the business and the joy of all people to see the way back prices."

The bill for a Coke and a small cheese pizza including tax was just $2.98.

The store will actually be doing a full remodel in September. They will close on the 3rd and hope to reopen by the 24th.