Mental Health Workshop Tackles Connection with Violence

Last year's mass shootings in Colorado and Newtown, Connecticut have several local community leaders talking about mental health and its connection to violence.

The Avicenna Free Clinic and the Islamic Understanding Institute organized a workshop Thursday night, dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of mental health patients.

Although the event was a response to several recent mass shooting incidents, the majority of the discussions centered on recognizing mental illness and depression in children and family issues that can contribute to maladjusted adolescents and teenagers.

Many agreed stronger families and proper parenting can prevent some mental health issues and, in turn, avoid violent episodes.

*CG talkhead Mutaz Tabbaa, MD
Avicenna Clinic
"We have seen increase in violent behaviors recently across the country," said Mutaz Tabbaa, MD. "We want to address the root problems of this."

Tabbaa says the groups hope to continue these type of dialogues in the future.