Meteorologist vs Handicap Pig

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NewsChannel 7's Adam Klotz "might" be jealous of a famous pig named "Chris P. Bacon" that has more than 52,000 Facebook fans (52,851 and counting).

Chris P. Bacon was born with a congenital defect that affects his rear legs. His owner reluctantly brought the pig to a central Florida veterinarian four months ago. Worried about the pig’s quality of life, she asked the vet to euthanize him.

But Dr. Len Lucero decided to give Chris P. Bacon a second chance. He created a special set of wheels to help the pig get around.

The inspirational story has gone viral. Chris P. Bacon also has a Twitter account and his own T-Shirts.

Adam also has a Facebook page and Twitter account. But he’ll have to get to work on some t-shirts.

In the meantime, he’s making it a personal mission to catch Chris P. Bacon. Adam currently has 474 Facebook fans. Help him with the uphill battle. Go to Adam's Facebook page and click LIKE today.