Meth Lab Found in Crestview Home

Christina Blair Russell

26-year old Christina Blair Russell has been charged with conspiracy to traffic in methamphetamine and child neglect without great harm.

Investigators went to Russell’s home to serve a warrant on Russell’s husband, Allen Rhinehart.

Rhinehart was not home at the time, however in the backyard, they found open and stripped lithium batteries, ephedrine blister packs, and Coleman camp fuel along with a hydrogen chloride gas generator and burned “one pot” cooking vessel.

Inside the home’s laundry room, they also found bottles of suspected methamphetamine liquid, a homemade pipe, and other meth lab-related items.

Russell told deputies she allowed her husband to cook the meth inside the home while two children, ages two and four, were in the adjacent room. She says between five and ten cooks have taken place in the house while children were present.