Mexico Beach City Admin Receives Reprimand for "Guerrilla Patriot"

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Mexico Beach- Politically questionable comments and pictures were the main focus of a special Mexico Beach City Council meeting Tuesday afternoon.

"Our little town has got to have a better understanding of how this city council feels about what's being said," said Mayor Al Cathey.

The controversial content comes from City Administrator Chris Hubbard’s Facebook page titled "Guerrilla Patriot." The issue was brought to light last week in a scathing article published by a local newspaper called the "Raw Oyster."

"When I received it, it was paramount that the city meet," said Cathey.

Following Mayor Cathey's stern call to order, each council member got the chance to voice their opinions of the page and Hubbard.

Four of the five council members seemed hardly bothered by the page's content with Mayor Cathey calling it simply a bad choice. He even defended Hubbard’s right to create the page. Tanya Castro was the sole council member who showed the most concern.

"It’s about setting a good example for the employees. It's about all of our citizens and our visitors believing that we the city of Mexico beach is a welcoming place, we don't care what race you are," said Castro.

When Hubbard himself had a chance to speak, he echoed Cathey’s comments, citing his freedom of speech. He admitted the page was politically conservative, but claimed he was surprised it had received so much negative attention, calling the issue was a personal attack.

"When people are trying to character assassinate you, and they Google your name, everything comes up on Google. I have never done anything with the intent of harming the city of Mexico beach or bringing it into bad light," said Hubbard.

In the end, with a 3-2 vote, the council decided to issue Hubbard a slap on the wrist with a written reprimand.

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