Mexico Beach City Council

Mexico Beach has a new city council member, who's actually a familiar face, to replace the resigning Lenny Howell.

Council members voted 3 to 1 Wednesday afternoon to appoint former council member Gary Woodham to the group-2 seat. Woodham is replacing Lenny Howell, who resigned to relocate to Arkansas.

Woodham previously sat on the council, but decided not to run for re-election several years ago. When Howell stepped-down, Woodham was one of 8-people to submit their names for consideration to fill the vacancy.

Mayor Al Cathey, and council men Robert Pollock and Jack Mullen voted for Woodham. Councilwoman Tanya Castro suggested two of the other candidates.

Gary Woodham says he missed being on the council. "I decided I wanted to spend some time with my children and grandchildren and we've done that for two years. I was disappointed with some of the things taking place on the council and I hope I can make a difference."

During Wednesday’s council workshop meeting, the council discussed the possibility of replacing the Mexico Beach pier. They're looking for funding to build a new pier that would better withstand strong storms. Chris Hubbard is the City Manager. "It would be hard pressed to stand another storm in its current condition. Even the new portion of the pier has suffered damage a couple times over the last three or four years and we haven't even had a big storm during that time frame."

City officials will begin looking for cost estimates on the project

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