Mexico Beach City Hall Sold?

MEXICO BEACH - Mexico Beach city employees may soon be moving. People's Southern, a Georgia-based bank, is interested in opening three branches here in Bay County.

They are considering a former bank building, which Mexico Beach's city officials now lease to use as City Hall.

People's Southern has already inspected the facility and has 90 days to inform the city if it's going to buy the building, which could mean a move in June.

City Manager Chris Hubbard says this isn't the first time they've moved City Hall.

"A little over three years ago, we moved into this building and when we did it at that time, it was over a three day weekend. It was a fairly seamless transition. There was no interruption in services to the citizens and that's what we'd hope to do again if we have to move," said Hubbard.

If they have to move city hall, Hubbard says they have several temporary locations in-mind, including the Mexico Beach Civic Center.

They may also put a portable building on the Parker House property, which they've selected as the site of the permanent City Hall facility.