Mexico Beach Has Too Much Sewage

Mexico Beach City Council members are trying to determine if they have a problem with too much sewage.

During last year's heavy July and August tourism months, Mexico Beach exceeded the amount of sewage it pumped to the county of processing.

Springfield has offered to sell part of its sewage capacity to Mexico Beach for a million dollars.

That got the attention of a few residents, who showed-up Tuesday.

Council members say they don't need that much capacity, and that the county is really not cracking down because the city usage is so low the rest of the year.

"This will be more of a long term planning option for us. It would allow us to push back the date where we would either you know, find the capacity through having to purchase it from someone else who already has it or maybe even being required to build one of our own sewage treatment facilities. So this just gives us a longer window for long term planning," said Chris Hubbard.

Council members also discussed the on-going problem of fish heads in the city's canals.

The city has cleaning stations for fishermen and allows them to throw the heads back into the water but the tide hasn't been carrying them out into the gulf as anticipated, causing a bad smell.

The issue will be back on the agenda at the next council meeting and there could be some major changes.