New Developments in Mexico Beach Police Department Controversy

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Mexico Beach- By all intentions Mexico Beach City Council members were going to end their workshop Wednesday without discussing the newly vacant police chief position. Brad Hall's controversial retirement went into effect Tuesday. But they were forced to address the elephant in the room when residents voiced their concerns.

"Do we know yet about the police investigation, about what's going on with the police department yet?" asked one resident.

That's when it became apparent the Bay County Sheriff's investigation into former Chief Hall and his police department is complete. City Administrator Chris Hubbard notified council members he and Mayor Al Cathey had met with sheriff's officials just hours before the meeting to go over the results. One resident was shocked the rest of the council was left out of that meeting.

"Am I right? None of you heard about it until just now? Mayor why didn't you tell them?" asked that resident.

The conversation got even more heated when the mayor and Hubbard were asked about the findings of the investigation. They claimed they couldn't release that information yet.

"We've been waiting and waiting and waiting for this report, and now apparently we have it, but nobody can know what it says," said Council
Member Jack Mullen.

"Yeah I have some concern with that only from the standpoint that this was an internal investigation that was requested by the council," added Council Member Tanya Castro.

But Mayor Cathey defended his decision to stay tight-lipped.

"It's quite lengthy and there's a lot of legality that's still involved," said Cathey.

Wednesday's workshop came to a close without any results released, more questions than answers left on the table. NewsChannel 7 tried to speak to Mayor Cathey after the meeting, but he stormed off.

No word on when the results of the sheriff's office investigation will become public. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement's investigation was still ongoing Wednesday.

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