Mexico Beach Ready to Hire New Police Chief

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Mexico Beach- The search for a new police chief Mexico Beach may finally be over. Tuesday city council members agreed to recommend current Police Captain Glenn Norris.

"We are accountable to the citizens right now to get this right," Council Member Tanya Castro told her fellow council members.

"He's clearly the guy for the job," added Council Member Jack Mullen.

The decision came after months of allegations and investigations into former chief Brad Hall, who retired early in October. City Administrator Chris Hubbard then narrowed the stack of applicants down to six.

"If a municipality or a department can hire from within, then obviously I think that's the way we should go," said Hubbard.

Hubbard said he planned to officially hire Captain Norris first thing Wednesday morning.

The council also defined Hubbard's job description. Back in April the city council passed a resolution appointing the city administrator head of the department of public safety. But it appears council members may not have voted by the books.

"Instead of arguing about it, or having it out there as an arguable point, the city council decided to just go ahead and pass an ordinance and that way no one could bring it up in the future that something was done wrong," Hubbard told NewsChannel 7.

And plans to build a new city hall were back on the agenda Tuesday. The latest issue the council couldn't agree on was where to put the building on the Parker House property.

"There's the ability to maybe move the building back some on the property to open up more area in the front for the special events," said Hubbard.

"With this current layout there's no room to put anything behind it, there's no room to put anything off to the one side," Castro said referring to one of the blueprints.

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