Mexico Beach Wants its City Clerk Back

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She was the topic of discussion at Wednesday night's special meeting in Mexico Beach, but City Clerk Debbie McLeod was noticeably missing. Her seat was filled by her assistant. That didn't stop the fireworks.

"I'm not going to sit here anymore and not defend the people that we pay and we pay to do a good job," said Mayor Al Cathey.

Cathey called McLeod's pending resignation the most bothering experience in his several years working for the city.

"To me enough is now enough."

McLeod reportedly blamed Council Woman Tanya Castro for alleged harrassment and bullying.

"You micro-analyze, you micro-criticize, you micro-chastize, and that's not my style," Cathey told Castro.

"My style is to provide open and transparent government. We shouldn't have any secrets," Castro said.

Mayor Cathey said in light of the situation he's also concerned over how city officials are running Mexico Beach.

"What kind of place is this for working? And we need to reevaluate our style. We need to reevaluate how we run this city."

He told board members he wants McLeod to stay.

"All we're willing to do is put an ad in the paper and say 'Get another one.' That's just not going to sit well."

Council members Lanny Howell, Jack Mullen, and Bobby Polluck agreed.

City officials are expected to review more than a dozen applications for the city clerk's position during another special meeting Thursday. It wasn't immediately clear if that meeting was still going to happen with Wednesday night's developments. As of now, city officials said McLeod's last full day on the job is April 19th.

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