Mexico Beach to Demolish Parker House

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MEXICO BEACH - Mexico Beach City Council members are finally moving ahead with plans for a new City Hall.

They voted Tuesday night to demolish the old Parker House, which sits on the site where they plan to build the new facility.

Mexico Beach Council members originally bought the Parker house with plans to convert it into City Hall but fire destroyed the historic home a week later, in July 2011.

Tuesday night, council members finally decided it was time for the gutted home to go.

City Manager Chris Hubbard had this to say, "I know the city council has been talking about this for a while. During our executive session, the contractor stated that there was really no reason to keep that building standing any longer and he expressed some concerns that in it's current condition if someone went up there, it could potentially fall or they could get hurt in another way."

The insurance company assessed the Parker House property at $745,000. The contractor for the new city hall estimates the necessary site work to meet building codes will cost more than that.
So, the council has decided to have an attorney look over the insurance settlement offer, to see if the city can get more money.

Hubbard added, "To come back with a report that says that we could potentially get more money from the insurance company because as I said earlier, the money we've been offered isn't enough to build both the structure and take care of the site work which is required."

Council members also adopted a resolution to assess code enforcement property clean-up cost on the property owner's property tax bill. The actual program won't go into effect until later this year.