Midland City, Ala. Bunker Stand Off 1st Anniversary Nears In Few Days

MIDLAND CITY, Ala. The 6-year-old Alabama boy held hostage in an underground bunker last year is reportedly doing well and showing few effects from the ordeal.
Camren Kirkland is Ethan Gilman's older brother. He spoke with reporters on Friday as the one-year anniversary of the standoff approaches.
Kirkland says Ethan has only spoken of the ordeal a few times since, and he isn't showing signs of lingering problems or stress.
Kirkland also says his brother is doing better in school now than he was before. A man identified as Jimmy Lee Dykes held Ethan hostage for six days last January after killing the boy's school bus driver and dragging Ethan into the bunker.
Officers rescued the child unharmed after storming the bunker and killing Dykes.
Ethan now lives with Kirkland in Dale County.

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