Midland City Celebrates Ethan's Birthday

Ethan, the boy who was kidnapped from a school bus last week, and held hostage for 6-days until his rescue Monday, turned 6-Wednesday.

Although Ethan was not at tonight's event, the community is still celebrating. "Happy Birthday dear Ethan. Happy birthday to you- one more hand for Ethan tonight."

For most, a 6th birthday isn't milestone. But for Ethan turning 6 will likely be the best birthday and gift of his life.

Jason Standfield is a church member at the Wednesday night church service and birthday party. "God really works in mysterious ways. God made it happen."

Midway Assembly of God is just one birthday party of several as people across the country celebrate Ethan's safe return.

Many in Midland City gathered to sing, pray and bring gifts to the community's birthday boy and pay tribute to a hero. "We're celebrating Ethan's release and the life of Mr. Poland. I myself didn't know him, I had ridden once with him going to a friends house. But a teacher, well he is a teacher in many ways, but a bus driver to going to those lengths to protect his students is just- it does something to you, you know?"