Mike Huckabee Stops By Panama City

Dozens showed up Friday night to see Mike Huckabee and have him sign their copy of "Dear Chandler, Dear Scarlett," the latest book by the former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate.

The crowd varied in age, some as young as 15 coming to get their personal copy signed and have a moment to speak to Huckabee.

"I just really like Mike Huckabee and I like what he believes in and what he stands for," says 15-year-old Braylee Brown, a sophomore at Bay High School.

Others purchased the book in hopes of giving it as a gift that will be helpful to younger generations.

"So many times there are stories we want our children to understand, but when we're able to tell them, they're too little to hear them, understand them, or care about them," says Huckabee. "By the time they're old enough to really want to know things about who they are, we're probably too old to get it out or maybe we're not here."

Some waited hours to meet Huckabee, but they say the time in line was well worth the wait.

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