Military Personnel, Civilans Come Out to Honor Wounded Warriors

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"This is awesome,” said Wounded Warrior Charles Hernandez.

For wounded warrior Charles Hernandez, this welcome ceremony was better than his first.

"I didn't even get this when I first came home. Like I said earlier I was brought back on a tinted bus, and I was shoved in the back, but this, this is great,” said Hernandez.

The New York native was wounded will serving in the U.S. Army in Iraq. He says the support he received Tuesday , from those he'd never met before, truly made this day special.

"Everybody deserves a hand, and that people are there for you. That’s a great thing, that’s a good plus,” stated Hernandez.

An hour later, local personnel greeted Air Force Staff Sergeant Jason Wakefield, also a wounded warrior.

"It's nice having your brother and sisters in arm coming out and supporting wounded warriors and veterans coming home,” said Wakefield.

This event was almost as important to the local military men and women, as it was to those they welcomed.

"We have a huge community and civilian population that honor our military as patriots, so it was so amazing,” said Senior Master Sergeant Brian Griffiths, for the U.S. Air Force.

Local Navy and Air Force personnel showed-up today to support the two wounded warriors.