Miller Motors And Others To Be Demolished

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Years ago, Parker Code Enforcement created a list of rundown buildings that needed to be either cleaned up or demolished. Number one on that list was the old Miller Motors building. If owners don't respond to notifications from Code Enforcement, the building can be condemned by the city and, if necessary, demolished.

Last month, city officials started action to get some of the buildings on the "Most Wanted" list demolished. The first step being to have the building tested for asbestos. Miller Motors tested negative, so the city can begin filing the necessary paperwork.

According to the code enforcement officer, Joyce Fox, residents will hopefully see change in the next few weeks. "My goal is around the middle of March," said Fox. "If we can proceed on like we've been doing now, and everything falls into place, we should be seeing it--I would hope--by the end of March at least."

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