Millions Boating for Memorial Day Weekend in Florida

Memorial Day weekend is the busiest time on the water in our area.
There have been 11 confirmed boating related deaths this year in Florida, two of those in the panhandle.
It is a good time to remind you of some key boating safety guidelines.
First, Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission estimates there will be more than a million boats on Florida’s waters, so you need to be alert.
"The biggest thing is people paying attention, a lot of accidents are single vessel accidents,” said Stan Kirkland with the FWC. “People lose attention, we just had a fatality this week in gulf co."
Second, wear your life jacket.
Research has shown that 67% of the 55 boating-related deaths in Florida last year were due to drowning.
"If they're wearing a life jacket it means the difference between surviving and not," said Kirkland.
All children under 6 are required to wear a life jacket if the vessel is moving.
Do not forget to wear your engine shut-off switch at all times, and of course, make sure and have a sober boat operator.
The FWC rescues more than 1,000 people each year on the water, and many of those are from boating related accidents.