Milton Girls Juvenile Residential Closes

A girl's detention facility in the Panhandle is terminating its residential contract with the state after a staff member is charged with battering a 15 year old inmate.

The Department of Juvenile Justice released video of an incident on August 9th at the Milton Girls Juvenile Residential Facility in Santa Rosa county.

The video shows Shannon Abbot pushing a teenage girl's head into a wall, throwing her on the floor and laying on her for nearly 20 minutes.

Universal Healthcare Services runs the facility, they've asked to terminate their contract with the state which DJJ agreed to do.

State Representative Jimmy Patronis says this may be the best course of action.

"When you have an incident that took place that was caught on video, that's going to lead to questions and investigation and for all parties, the best interest is we just move forward and close the facility and let's just make sure the facility is operational and in a safe manner."

The contract will terminate at midnight on Monday, December 24th. All residents are transferring to other programs.

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