Minimum Wage Increase

These fast food workers all make slightly more than the states minimum wage of seven ninety three an hour.

Manager Jason McQueen says it’s difficult to make ends meet for many, but a proposed hike in the state’s minimum wage may hurt more Floridians in the long run.

“You wouldn’t hire like two people, you might hire one person for two if you’re paying that much,” said McQueen.

Florida Democratic lawmakers are pushing to increase the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, even for tipped employees.

“Our hope is of course to move people out of poverty, make folks not have to be as reliant on public assistance as they have been in the past,” said Sen. Dwight Bullard.

Republican lawmakers say they won’t support such the hike.

“It hurts people and it hurts opportunities for increased employment and there’s just no way you can argue anything other than that,” said Rep. Neil Combee.

A 2004 Florida constitutional amendment increases the state minimum wage each year to keep pace with inflation. This month’s increase puts Florida’s minimum wage 68 cents higher than the national wage.

The legislation would only force raises for those making the least…not everyone in the workplace.

“And unfortunately you’re right, this bill doesn’t create a solution for that,” said Bullard.

Florida’s 2014 minimum wage increase adds roughly five extra dollars a week to a person’s paycheck.

The highest industry with workers earning minimum wage are in the leisure and hospitality industry.