Miracle Strip Amuesement Rides

Panama City Beach-- After a more than six hour hearing, the Panama City Beach City Council upheld staff recommendation and Planning Board's decision. The development order for the ten-ride amusement park can be re-established back at Pier Park in a 3 to 2 vote. Both parties left happy with the final decision.

A group of attorney's, council members and locals gathered at Panama City Beach City Hall Thursday afternoon for a hearing on amusement rides. Months ago, Miracle Strip carousel moved out of the location in Pier Park to 284 Powell Adams Road because of limitations.

At the meeting, the council denied Miracle Strip's attorneys request to bring an expert. Even though the green light was given for Pier Park, owners of Miracle Strip said it was also a success for them.

Pier Park must get their billing permits so they can get the rides operational. Depending on the permits, it could take a couple weeks.