Miramar Beach Resident in Final 3 for Bobby Flay Burger Cooking Contest

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New Orleans native Robert Medina has been cooking for 30 years.

A retired fire fighter, Medina was a long time cook at the fire house, and later created his own seasoning blend that he now sells and has also written a cook book.

But he says his biggest accomplishment is making it as one of three finalists for the Bobby Flay's burger contest to be shown on the Rachael Ray show

The final contest took place in New York City where medina and the two other finalists had to throw down their best burgers.

"That is the first time I have been in front of 100 people,” said Medina.

Medina’s is the blackened cheese burger Po’boy.

A recipe that usually calls for fish ended up being a big hit.

"I was on my day off from the fire house, and I was working at my friend’s restaurant,” said Medina. “He had a blackened grill and we were running low on red fish. So instead of red fish, I said lets blacken a hamburger and see what happens. We ended up making a blackened cheese burger Po’boys.

Medina says he will never forget the experience of meeting Bobby Flay and Rachael Ray.

"He asked me what seasonings blend it was that I was using to blacken the burger, and I said it is my own blend,” said Medina, with a smile on his face. “Then he said oh, “what's in it?” and I wasn't trying to be a smart guy and I say It is in my cook book. And every one laughs, and he goes, “I am getting smack talk from a fire man."

As of now medina cannot disclose who won the contest.

He says you will just have to watch the Rachel Ray show on Monday at 1 p.m. on NBC for the results.