Miramar Beach Residents Fed Up With Water In Their Yards

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Property owner Rita Kay and her neighbors agree having an un-intentional body of water in their backyards is disheartening.

"I want the water to stop. I want water to quite flooding my yard" says Homeowner Becky Beck.

"Whatever they've done in terms of drainage i guess behind us has caused water to back up east of my property" says Homeowner Jeffrey Lenderman.

Residents say they started seeing excessive water when workers finished the new subdivision.

"The water when it comes down through here that is supposed to go to this retention pond back down that way. It doesn't know which way to go so some of it takes a right some of it takes a left. And this is the right and it ends up in my backyard" says Property Owner Rita Kay.

To give you guys an idea of what Rita and her neighbors are actually going through. Not only is there shallow water in her backyard. But if you step back a little further the water comes up almost to your knees. Not only is this a problem but it's also a safety hazard.

"Well for one thing the snakes. Another thing mosquitos. There's just stagnate water everywhere. This has been this way since December I know for sure" says Kay.

Everyone agrees that something has to be done.

"Someone has to come up with a better plan for water drainage behind here" says Lenderman.

"Nobody seems to want to take the blame. The county doesn't really want to say it's their fault" says Kay.

Bayshore Drive residents say they've contacted their homeowners association, the public works department, the county, and d-e-p, but haven't had any luck on repairing the problem.