Missing Spring Breaker’s Family Asking Federal Authorities for Help

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Panama City- Bay County Sheriff's officials received another tip Thursday from someone who says they saw 21-year old Reny Jose.

But after meeting the tipster Friday, they say the information didn't pan-out.

"These are the kind of things we've been doing since Reny has been missing. We had probably one of the most intense searches that we've ever had," said Frank McKeithen, Bay County Sheriff.

Jose was last seen at a large home on the west end of panama city beach.

He was part of a group of 20 Rice University students renting the home for spring break.

They told sheriff's deputies that on the night of March 3rd, Jose took some synthetic LSD, then threw his clothes, wallet and cell phone in a trash can near their rental.

One theory is that Jose went swimming in the gulf.

But his body has never resurfaced.

Jose's family has been traveling back and forth from their home in upstate New York, pleading for help and raising reward money.

Now they've started on online petition, asking u-s attorney general eric holder to look into the case.

"There aren't many leads though. We're hoping that with FBI involvement, we can get the resources that we need to expand the search," said Reashma Jose, Reny's sister.

Jose's family is also raising the reward, hoping someone will speak out.

"We still have a reward out and we'll probably be upping that reward within the next few weeks if nothing comes through," said Reashma.

Bay County Sheriff officials say they rundown every tip, and continue to work on the case.

"We are not absolutely sure he went in the water. No one has ever said, we know Reny went in the water and drowned. We've never said this, but we've always said all indications, all the information, the people that was there, most likely went in the water," said McKeithen.