"Missy Robertson by Southern Fashion House" Gets Overwhelming Response

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SANTA ROSA BEACH- South Walton's Designer of the Year started 2014 with a major announcement and it's been non-stop for her ever since. Stephanie Carter, founder of Southern Fashion House in Santa Rosa Beach, announced earlier this month that she is working with Missy Robertson from A&E's "Duck Dynasty" to create a new line of clothing for women. The two felt there was a void in the market for trendy, yet age-appropriate clothes. Turns out, they've struck a chord with hundreds of thousands of women.

Stephanie is thrilled to show off, for the first time, the looks she created with Missy Robertson, Jase's wife from A&E's hit show "Duck Dynasty." The line features age-appropriate looks for busy women in their 30's and 40's, but the silhouettes are intended to flatter women of all ages. The response has been overwhelming. "We never thought it would be this big," said Stephanie. "The first day I think we got 100,000 Facebook likes," she said. By day 3, the page was up to 353,000.

The partnership began with a simple phone call. A good friend encouraged Stephanie to send Missy a box of Judith March clothing. "She loved the clothes so much but she still wanted to fill the void of the longer hemlines and sleeves and things like that, so she called us up and we made 30 samples in five days and flew to West Monroe, LA, and that is where it all began," said Stephanie.

The two say the partnership is a perfect fit. "Stephanie Carter is very talented. She gets my whole concept of the clean lines. She is very detail-oriented. She understands what I desire in terms of cut and fit and modesty. Then I rely on her for the design part of it. So I feel it's a very good collaboration," said Missy Robertson, during a promo video shot for the line. "She is an amazing woman to work with. That is what sealed the deal for me when I did work with her and I saw the way she works and we just kind of clicked and meshed and I thought, we can do this together," said Stephanie.

But there is no time to revel in the line's early success. "This week starts Dallas (market), next week Atlanta, and we should start shipping around March," explained Stephanie. None too soon for the thousands of fans who can't wait to flaunt Missy's looks by Southern Fashion House. The line will soon be available in boutiques and department stores as well as online. Click on the links provided for more information.