Mobile Science Center Eduacates Kids

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When you turn on a faucet, you get fresh water, and one non-profit organization wants to teach kids where that water comes from.

Water Ventures' van may look like all fun, but it's actually a moving science center.

Members of the Florida-based organization travel across the state to provide kids with an interactive look at water as a resource.

Organizers say they've traveled to one school each day since they've been on the road. Today the truck visited Panama City's Oakland Terrace Elementary.

"The main goal is that we're hoping when the students come here, that they get really excited about how amazing our water is, learn about it as a resource, and that they want to go out and explore," Travis Wilt, a Water Ventures employee, said. "They want to see their world, and they want to take care of that resource."

Water Ventures will leave Bay County today and head to schools in central Florida.