Mold Regulations Hurt Renters in Bay County

Mold is a very common in Florida for three reasons, moisture, a good environment for things to grow, and weak laws regulating mold in homes.
"The state can't mandate a property owner to do anything about mold," said Mark Broersma with Disaster Response Team.
Wesley and Marianna Trawick found that out the hard way.
They have been trying to get rid of what they believe is mold covering their living room window.
They say the property owner is not helping.
"They came in and said they wanted to look into where this problem started, tore a hole in my wall and it's still exposed,” said Wesley Trawick.
“They can't be exposing people to this kind of living condition and the owners don't want to fix it,” said his wife Marianna. “Something has to be fixed."
A mold expert says there is definitely a problem, Mark Broersma, with the Disaster Response Team agrees that their window should be fixed.
"I would say definitely there's a fungus, because there's wood rot,” he said. “That's a type of fungal and what goes along with wood rot is typically some sort of mold or fungal growth. I mean definitely from the photos I looked at there's an issue that needs to be addressed."
Since the Trawick’s cannot seem to get any help, they are looking for a new apartment.
"I'm not going to subject my children to this kind of negligence."
They believe the mold has triggered a breathing problem in their youngest daughter.
"Last night I had to give her a breathing treatment because all around her mouth was changing colors,” said Trawick. “So we put up the curtain to block some of the smell, because they told us they were not going to come in here and put anything over it. They said a little mold won't hurt us."
If you suspect you have a mold problem in your home, call a certified testing company immediately, and seal off the contaminated area.

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