Mom Hopes to Help Familes Affected by Disaster

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JACKSON COUNTY A Jackson County woman who's had a recent set-back, is trying to help others from suffering the same hardships. The single mother of two has been living in a hotel after losing everything in a house fire last month. Shamari Garrett is urging local and state officials to establish some sort of future help for others in the same situation.

For Garrett---the past two months have been a challenge.

"Being a single mother with two children and trying to muddle through the disaster that happened, you don't have the opportunity to grieve for what you lost before you have to start trying to put one foot in front of the other."

In early May-- the home where Garrett, her mother, and two children were living went up in flames. Right now they're in a hotel and getting Jackson County to help has also been a challenge.

"There was no funding for such type of emergency relief aid. Section 8 had no funding, HUD had no funding."

"The family has been staying at the Marianna Inn and Suites since the fire first happened, but Garrett says that's about to change."

"We actually just recently found a place. God's blessed us with a lady. I have no idea her name. She's anonymous, has offered to pay six months of our rent in a three bedroom trailer."

Garrett now plans to speak with county officials and the governor's office on helping others in situations like hers.

"Mobile homes or houses, or even you know like an apartment complex for people that have lost their homes. I've served my county, I paid my taxes, I put my dues in and when I come to you for help I expect you to be able to give it to me."

During their stay at the hotel, the family only received federal assistance for the first four nights.

The family plans to move into their new home early next week.