Teen, Run-Over On Beach, Talks

Timothy Picklo

The teenager who was run over on the beach is out of the hospital.

18-year-old Gunnar Gartner and his mom were sunbathing on the beach Saturday afternoon behind Regency Towers.

"I heard the roar of the truck that was on the beach very close to us,” said Gunnar’s mom Lisa. “As I looked to the left, I saw the front tire of the truck running over his head.”

Gunnar was lying face down in the sand when a man, pulling a jet ski out of the water, ran over Gartner with a Ford Bronco.

"If i was not facing the sand” said Gunnnar, “I probably wouldn't be here talking to you and my mom would have to be making funeral arrangements."

The driver, Timothy Picklo, told News Channel 7 that he never saw Gartner. He was charged with careless driving.

Lisa Gartner says changes need to be made to prevent this in the future.

"I understand it's a business and people enjoy jet skis and so forth,” Lisa Gartner said. “But have a certain time when the trucks can be on the (beach) and also have someone walking beside it, spotting, to make sure they're not missing someone who could be buried in the sand."

This Easter, she has another big reason to thank God.

"I'm grateful one that he is with us and that he's so strong that he survived.”

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