Moms of Sneads Teens Killed in Car Wreck Lobby to Change Driving Laws

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Sneads- Statistics have shown a 16 year old newly licensed drivers were four times more likely to get into a car accident when another teen was in the car. That number doubled to 8 times more likely to die in a car crash with more than two teens were in the car with a newly licensed driver.

Sadly, Jan McClamma, Liesha Jeter and Felicia Merritt's sons were included in those stats.

Last September, the boys were going to a volley ball game at Sneads High School when Teddy lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a tree. Teddy Jeter (15), Bo McClamma(16) and Brandon Hobbs(16) were all killed in the accident.

"I know kids want to get in the car and go, but a car weighs a lot and kids don't realize what they're doing until its too late" said McClamma.

Though it was too late for their boys, the moms said it was not too late for others. That's why Jeter said she posted a petition on Change. Org. She has been lobbying Florida legislatures to change passenger restriction laws for teen drivers.

"We're not trying to bring something brand new that's never been done before in the rest of the country" Jeter said, "we're just trying to follow suit."

Florida is only one of six states that allow newly licensed drivers to drive with other non- adult passengers in the vehicle. It's that law the moms set out to change.

Jeter said created the petition to help rally support.

"Yesterday it was at 490 signatures. When I woke up and today, it's at 6500. If we can get signatures- to be able to take it to the legislature and say, 'these parents of teenagers agree with us as parents and they don't want it to happen to their child'" Jeter said.

Sign the petition:

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