Monday Marks 21 Years of Mourning and Mystery Surrounding the Jackson County Murders of a Mom and Tot

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Cypress- For many in Jackson County, Monday marked a day of mourning and mystery. 21 years earlier, 25 year old Teresa Hall, and her 5 year old daughter, Tiffany were found slain in their Cypress community home.

"It was brutal" Jackson County Major, Donny Branch recalled. "It was a brutal murder. Anytime you have a child, or anybody for that matter, but certainly a 5 year old child it's... You don't understand. We still don't understand why"

Decades later and still more questions than answered remained.

"Teresa had taken Tiffany up to the Marianna Christmas parade" Branch said recounting what was known of the events leading to their death December 9, 1991. "They watched the parade and after the parade was over they went and got some hamburgers or something from one of the fast food restaurants, then went home."

Once home, Teresa talked on the phone with her husband who was working out of town. Later, Teresa's mother called but no one answered the phone.

"The next day of course, Tiffany didn't show up for school and Teresa didn't show up for work. People notified the family and got to calling and wondering why and that's when the discovery of the bodies had been made" Branch explained.

Branch said in the years since, many people had been investigated and eliminated. But the case was not closed.

"We're still looking at people, we still have suspects" Branch said. "We get information from time to time and we check that out. A lot of times it goes to a dead end. But, there's certainly some suspects in it that we have not been able to clear out. We've not been able to obtain enough evidence or information to charge them, but we can't clear them either."

At one time, Angel Resendiz, infamously known as the 'Railroad Killer' was a suspect. The Halls lived across the street from train tracks and some characteristics of their murders were similar of those committed by the Railroad Killer. Former Jackson County Investigator, John Dennis interviewed the serial killer before he was sentenced to death. Branch said the department did not find enough reason to believe Resendiz committed the murders of Tiffany and Teresa.

"[Resendiz] was looked into. I think he was traveling in the area at that time. But that never worked out as a viable suspect" he said.

Branch said the department continues to receive tips- even today. Branch asked that anyone with information, new or old call, to call the Jackson County Sheriff's Office (850) 482-9624 or Crime Stoppers (850) 526-5000.

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